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Sustainable Art and Community Space
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Welcome to Bark Eater Studios

Bark Eater Studios, building a community resource for art, learning, and exploration.

Going Beyond with Business Coaching

Does your business reflect what you are up to in life?

Do you reflect what your business is up to?

What is in the way of you achieving your goals?

On second thought, what are your goals?

Keeping them a secret or sharing them with the world?

Who are you partnering with?

Consider creating a partnership of coaching with Jeff.  See Business Coaching for more information.

Computer Support Services Available

Bark Eater Studios now provides comprehensive personal computer support, repair, service, and training.  Jeff is providing "Technology Frustration Resolution Solutions" for your home or small business as well as Android mobile devices.  See Computer Support for prices and information. Feel free to speak with Jeff at 518-595-9815 or email if you have any questions or to make an appointment.


My family is trying to bootstrap a community for artists, musicians, thinkers, naturalists, world changers, organic gardeners, and creative folks in the south-eastern part of the Adirondack State Park in New York.

Here is what we plan to accomplish:

  • Creating hand-made works of art over the winter.
  • Converting the upper level of our current workshop into a community space with kitchen, bathroom, shower, sleeping, and meeting area.
  • Legal help with establishing some sort of suitable legal entity.
  • A videographer to discover the project and journal the possibilities for promo material and kickstarter funding.
  • Crowdsource funding (Taxes, Construction supplies (nails, shingles, sheeting, utilities, tools, etc), Food, etc.)

What will be available:

  • Ceramics, painting, woodworking, and other classes
  • The facilities for weekend seminars
  • Weekend festivals such as flea markets, concerts, and barcamps

We are your looking for your ideas, inspiration, and possibilities for creating a community that you would love to be a part of.  Your interest in creating such a facility is greatly appreciated!

Land For Sale

  • ~8.5 acres, 400' road frontage, wooded, mixed terrain
  • $45,000
  • See the contact info in the upper right corner

Here are a few steps to lead you through the website.

Get started

Before clicking around too much, take notice of the Navigation panel on the left side:

  1. Take a moment to read "About" to get the background info. (There will be something to read there real soon!)
  2. The Wiki has lots of background and planning info, and will contain event-specific information. (Wikis are great collaboration tools!)

  3. Create a new user account. (You will get your own workspace on this site when you create an account.)
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