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About Bark Eater Studios.

The typical land-for-profit cycle around here works by buying land, logging it off, then selling it.  Typical disposable society route.  Well, that won't do for us, as we want to pass something along that is as least as nice as the way we got it.  We would like to have the land provide it's own tax, insurance, and maintenance costs without involving the local loggers.

The family has traditions of the outdoors, woodworking, and technology.  Dad has built houses, repaired TVs and CBs, and paints in oil.  The younger son followed the woodworking path, with custom residential carpentry and as part of the Monohasset Mill Project.  The older son, your humble site admin, repaired generators and photocopiers, did PC repair, sales, and service, helped start an ISP, and is involved in esoteric internet projects.

After a couple decades out west, the family is back at The Great Sacandaga Lake, with something more than a family camp.  Five years after the purchase, the tools have come together to start building facilities that we can use to make a livelihood.  Dad mentioned something about artist rentals, so this website is the older son's way to put such a plan into action.

Creating a facility for artists of many types to like and work with each other for a few months out of the year is one part of the goal.  The capability for hosting small weekend seminars as well as larger weekend gatherings is another part.  Facilities for the various crafts aspects  can be used in concert with weekend seminars as well as renting artists.

Facilities currently consist of woodworking facilities, from the band saw lumber mill to power tools.  Broadband internet access is currently limited, but the future is bright.

Camping facilities are currently "very primitive", but things are progressing in the spring/summer of 2010.  Outhouses, community shelters, cabins, tent camping spots, and campfire pits will all start going up in the future.

The Wiki explores many more details and possibilities.  Feel free to browse through it to get a better idea of the vision that is Bark Eater Studios.

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