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On the financial side, here are some of the numbers I have going through my head: I personally would like to make a modest living (~$12K/yr + travel expenses would be wonderful, but even an extra $1-200/mo would go a long way) maintaining and organizing the project. No, I'm not thinking big, just sustainable. I value the return on investment connecting people to interesting topics as well as other interesting people, and accept that as payment in and of itself. Part of me wants to shrink the capacity to an intimate dozen plus one facilitator/lecturer/instructor. Splitting event profits three ways sounds like it would make sense: the land, the instructor, and the facility. For example, $500*12 = $6000. The weekend lease could be $1000, and I'm not sure how much it would cost to feed 15 or so for a weekend. Attendants would be contributing toward a speaker's fee and transportation, when applicable, as well as their share of the food and the welfare of the staff.

  • Event Financial Summary
    • Lease Fee
    • Speaker Fees
      • transportation & compensation
    • Event Fees
      • Materials, when applicable
      • Food
      • Staff
      • Event Insurance

Financial aspects of the larger BarkEaterStudios? concern would involve the artists, their facility usage, and something like a consignment fee for on-site and sales through their virtual studios.

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