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Ham Licensing and Classes

Information on getting your amateur radio license.
Getting Your Amateur Radio License
Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a licensed amateur radio operator! Study Up! -- Get your FRN # -- Sign up for an exam session.
Get Your FRN Number here
Before you test you must get an FRN number from the FCC Website
Volunteer Examiners (VE)

Donald James N2VU
Jami Olden N2ZTC
Wayne White K2AYQ
Dan Gealt WX2P
Len Denner W2RZ
Jim McKnight K2LM
Merrideth Corentto N2MOM
David Gealt KD2BVA
Chris Franco AF2V
Frank Gitto KA5VVI

Adam Pearsall KC2TLS
Derrick Helms KD2ALW
Shawn Perry KD2DJU
Bill Passineau KD2HDD

EmComm Field Examiners

David Gealt KD2BVA
Dan Gealt WX2P