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Notes for the Aug 2010 club meeting re APRS and Packet


  • "Packet Lite"
    • All UI frames
    • no error correction for messages, acknowledgment of receipt (of "something") only
    • SSIDs?
  • Not just for exhibitionists and voyeurs
    • "Too many people have been mislead to think of APRS as a vehicle tracking system, when in fact it was designed to be the opposite. A local real-time information dissemination and display system TO the mobile operator. The objective was for the mobile APRS operator to see on the front panel of his radio ALL relevant local information about ham radio and activities. Nothing is more important than having Hamfests show up on their maps!"
  • software
    • AGWPE, PTT interface required for APRS or Packet TX, alternative to having TNC
  • Links
      • tech specs
    • web-based viewers
    • other internet tools


  • Frames (UI's Big Brothers)
  • SSIDs?
    • Services
      • Node
      • BBS
        • email, bulletins (themes/topics)
        • file transfer
      • convers
      • DX cluster