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I'm just jotting down some notes regarding packet radio wrt Prospect Mt.

Of course, everything has to be okayed by Brian LaFlure?.

We can start out with a simple digipeater connected to a radio at a location that can receive one of the machines listed at

The digipeater maps show how hubs are created with 70cm links (9600 baud), and 1200 baud local user ports. They use a PC with multiple serial ports for multiple TNCs? (and radios), as well as a BBS and routing software. shows what such a set-up would look like.

In the future,,, and may be explored. 900MHz could support 1.5Mbps links (a use for antenna on roof)

Here's an interesting link about APRS and Packet has lots of details and options.

Local Packet Radio Sites/Frequencies:

  • gotta check these
  • 145.050
  1. K1FFK - Mt Greylock - yes... it's just a digipeater, you can use it to get into k2dll-10's WinLink gateway
  2. K2DLL-10 - Wilton - yes... WinLink Gateway
  3. W2WCR-7 - Glens Falls - yes... digipeater to get into K2DLL-10 for WinLink
  • 145.010
  1. K2DLL - Lake Nancy - yes... I use it regularly because I have no alternative at the moment.
  2. N2MNT-1 - The Glen - yes...I use it to get into k2dll when  can't do it directly (used to be kc2auo?) 146.445 user port?
  3. KB2NGK-10 - Not Sure - yes... WinLink Gateway
  • KC2FTP - SEMO Albany - 145.090 - ? unverified as of Mar 2019
  • N2TY - N. Greenbush - 144.910 - ? unverified as of Mar 2019
  • NC2C - Cherry Valley - 147.540 - the node is up, but I can't hear it on 147.54


Packet stuff I want to do

  1. first use it through packet text
  2. add speech-to-text for voice input
  3. add text-to-speech for voice output

replacements for convers?

  1. interesting that it has APRS support... I wonder if puffyboa can act as a user