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Le Menu

Current list of available stuff.
Currently Available Goodies (see pics)
  • Name Tags
  • Key Chains
  • Yagi Element Holders
  • Dipole Parts

$1 for the key chains, fobs, and tags....unless you think I'm too cheap.

$2 for most of the larger individual things, depending on how much plastic and time it takes.

Yagi parts are $1 for the round boom, $2 for the square boom (they are more substantial).

The diople stuff is $4. The insulators for the end of dipoles are $2 a pair sold separately.

Watch for a measuring tape dipole kit soon - you supply boom, measuring tape, feedline, etc.


Parts made for outdoors are made in ABS for durability and UV resistance. The first batches will be any color as long as its black. Could probably be painted.

Other bits are made of PLA, which is biodegradable. Paint them any color you want. Strong enough, just not good outside.

Different color plastics will be available eventually.